Project Description

“I continue to develop new ideas and pots and enjoy experimenting with color and texture.” — Cindy Hart

Cindy Hart, Pottery

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in pottery and a minor in textiles, from the University of New Hampshire in 1981. Before moving to South Carolina, I was a member of the NH League of Craftsmen and sold my pottery throughout the Northeast at festivals. After moving to South Carolina in 1998, I set up a pottery studio here. I convinced my husband Mike to join me full time in 2003, after leaving his electronics career, and we opened a membership studio while continuing to grow our pine production pottery business. Around 2012 we decided to close our membership and pursue our production business full time. We sell our work at festivals throughout the Southeast region.

In addition to the work with Mike, and in large part due to my love of sheep and the fiber arts, I have created a body of colorful and whimsical pottery which I developed mainly for fiber festivals in the area. I continue to develop new ideas and pots in that vein and enjoy experimenting with color and texture.

Instagram: @hartworksstoneware

Facebook: @hartworksstoneware