Art Gallery on Pendleton Square is a co-op (co-operative) gallery, meaning that its member artists are involved in and dedicated to the success of the Gallery as a whole, as well as in their own personal success. Selection of members is based on the quality and consistency of their creative work and their willingness to participate in the day-to-day operations of the Gallery.

Information for Prospective Members

Since everything from hosting the gallery’s monthly Second Friday events to sweeping the floors is voluntarily carried out by member artists, volunteerism is an essential factor in the selection process. Enthusiasm, generosity of spirit, and cooperative effort have made Art Gallery on Pendleton Square a success since it began in 2014.

The Pendleton Square Artists Cooperative currently offers two types of opportunities to prospective artists:

  • Guest/Commission Only Artists are invited to sell work at the gallery on a non-working basis at a 40% commission. Guest artist contracts are for one month but can be extended based on an invitation from the Membership / Jury Chairperson or Cooperative President. Participation is by invitation and artists must meet gallery jury guidelines. 
  • Working Member Trial Artist: All new working artist members start as a three-month trial artist for orientation and training. The goal is to make sure the relationship is a good fit for the artist and gallery. At the end of the three months the artist can opt not to continue, or the gallery may choose not to extend full membership. Trial artists pay full dues and 15% commission.

For more information about membership, contact our Membership Chair, Beth Gautsch ( or 864-420-3078), or click below to download our membership form.

Thank you for your interest in Art Gallery on Pendleton Square.