Project Description

“I enjoy collaborating with my fellow artists in furthering the arts in the community.” — Chris Troy

Chris Troy, Clay Artist

Chris Troy began her career with clay in the 1990s. She has been influenced and encouraged by many ceramic artists, notably Marilyn Dale and Mikhail Zakin. Beginning in Marilyn’s basement studio followed by study at The Art School at Old Church, Chris developed the techniques that are apparent in her work today. Attendance at numerous and varied ceramic workshops, conferences and classes have broadened her interests from functional pieces to tile installations, architectural structures and sculpture.

In 1998 Chris and her husband moved to the Upstate of South Carolina and currently live in Seneca with their dogs, Fidgit and Possum, and cat, Frank. Her studio offers a space that is inviting and reminds her of the encouragement and support she has gathered along her path in clay. She continues to exhibit, sell, and teach, and enjoys collaborating with her fellow artists in furthering the arts in the community. She has joined with like-minded professionals in the creation of The Full Moon Artists, a group that comes together to promote community access to quality Art and Craft. Recently she has become a member of the successful Art Gallery on Pendleton Square, an artists’ co-op dedicated to showcasing local artists and their work.