On Nature as Inspiration

On nature as inspiration for my art

To borrow a phrase, to take something literally is to trivialize it.  The very nature of art is to make an abstraction and an interpretation. I hope that the viewer response to my art runs the gamut of wonder (how did she do that?) to amusement.

Sometimes I say glibly that every piece starts with a walk in the woods. It seems trivial at best to say, isn’t that where all inspiration comes?  The latest incarnation of my business card says nature based stoneware.  Every leaf, textured twig, or humble weed begs to be examined more closely.  The gross statement sounds broad, yet I am drawn to interpret the natural world where the viewer looks just a little more closely. After years, I am still entranced that I can add the intricate minutia of a leaf for instance, made permanent in fired clay to my art.  It’s all the more compelling if I can make an object that blends the line between form and function. I want the user to feel that same connection.  Sometimes it is whimsical, other times quiet.   Most days, I can’t stay out of the woods, nor keep my hands out of the clay or off a brush.

large paulownia platter  with oak, acorn, and anole
large paulownia platter with oak, acorn, and anole

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